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Mountain Living, May/June, 2019, “Redux Farmhouse” – Creekside Residence – Missoula, MT

Western Forestry Leadership Coalition, March 14, 2019, “Bridging the Connection Between Green Infrastructure and Human Health in Montana” -Shade Structure – Missoula, MT

EFA – Environments for Aging Magazine, Spring 2019, “EFA Design Showcase” – Immanuel Lutheran Communities – Kalispell, MT


Classic Cottages, 2018, “Minimal in Montana ” –Creekside Residence – Missoula, MT


Flathead Living, Summer 2016, “Permanent Camping” – Flathead Lake Cabin – Polson, MT



International Parking Institute, June 4, 2014, “2014′s Best Designed Parking Facilities Show off the Places Where People Park Cars” – Park Place – Missoula, MT

World-Architects – Review “Flathead Lake Cabin” – Flathead Lake Cabin – Polson, MT

NBC Montana, June 25, “Partnership Health celebrates new facility but still lacks staffing” – Partnership Health Center – Missoula, MT, July 19, “Decker to open $6M terminal west of Wye” – Decker Trucking – Missoula Terminal – Missoula, MT, June 15, “Missoula’s Park Place structure earns international excellence award” – Park Place – Missoula, MT, June 15, “Development set to begin in Missoula’s Old Sawmill District”, May 30, “Poverello Center reaches fundraising goal of $1.6 million” – Poverello Center – Missoula, MT, May 28, “Poverello’s campaign for new Missoula homeless shelter reaches $1.6M goal” – Poverello Center – Missoula, MT, May 2, “Downtown Missoula: Parking Garage Goes Green” – Park Place – Missoula, MT, April 16, “New health center brings care closer to Lowell students, families” – Partnership Health Center-Lowell School Clinic – Missoula, MT



NBC Montana, November 25, “Plans move forward for new Missoula development”, November 8, “$925K grant lets Partnership Health Center expand to Seeley Lake” – Partnership Health Center – Seeley-Swan Medical Clinic – Seeley Lake, MT, March 1, “Missoula’s New Parking Garage Celebrates Grand Opening on Friday” – Park Place – Missoula, MT



Modern Steel Construction, December, “Welcoming Walkway” – Salish Kootenai Pedestrian Bridge – Pablo, MT

Fine Homebuilding HOUSES, Summer, “Guest Judges’ Favorites…Creekside”

Dillon Tribune, June 6, “Hospital Opens up the House Saturday” – Barrett Hospital & HealthCare – Dillon, MT, December 13, “State’s 1st school health clinic to open at Missoula’s Lowell” Partnership Health Center – Lowell School Clinic – Missoula, MT

Missoula Magazine, Spring, “Saving Space: Missoula Architect Wins Awards for Second Floor Renovation of 1922 Home”

Measuring Performance of Homeword Properties, Presentation to Homeword, July 11

Missoulian, March 5, “Missoula Architect Honored for Community Planning Work”

Missoulian, March 4, “Saving Space: Missoula Architect Wins Awards for Second Floor Renovation of 1922 Home”



Fine Homebuilding HOUSES, Summer, “Remodel of the Year” – University Bungalow – Missoula, MT

Arts & Craft Home and the Revival, Spring 2011, “Montana Prairies”

Distinctly Montana, Summer, “Round Table of LEEDing Leaders” – Missoula Federal Credit Union – Missoula, MT

Montana Arts Council State of the Arts, July/August 2011, “Missoula Architect Wins National Award for ‘Seamless’ Remodeling” – University Bungalow – Missoula, MT, Nov. 28, “Utility Fee Missing Opportunities:…”



Environmental Design + Construction, September 22, “Concrete Pioneers” – Missoula Federal Credit Union – Missoula, MT



Environmental Design + Construction, June 1, “Compounding Interest in Green” – Missoula Federal Credit Union – Missoula, MT

Building Energy Performance Assessment News, July 20, “Setting a New Standard for Green Building in Western Montana” – Missoula Federal Credit Union – Missoula, MT

Distinctly Montana, January, “Point Six Place” – Point Six Place – Missoula, MT



Distinctly Montana, Summer, “Shades of Green” – Rattlesnake Net Zero Home – Missoula, MT

The New West, Spring, “Hot or Not: Corrugated Steel”

Montana Living Magazine, Summer, “Designing Women”, July, “The Energy Efficient Remodel”, May, “Building a New and Sustainable Model”

Montana Designs, September, “Small Footprints: Point Six Place Utilizes Resources with Environmental Impacts in Mind” – Point Six Place – Missoula, MT

Missoulian, March 16, “Green and Lean: Carbon Neutral Home Results in $28 February Power Bill” – Rattlesnake Net Zero Home – Missoula, MT



Sonoran Institute, “Building from the Best of the Northern Rockies”

Green Affordable Housing, “Global Green”, September 27, “Glassy Project: Credit Union Seeks Recyclables to Help Construct New Building”

Missoulian, September 9, “Crazy for Condos: Missoula Continues to See Boom of New Units” – Dearborn Condominiums – Missoula, MT



Sunset Magazine, June, “Big Ideas for Small Spaces” – Rural Rattlesnake Home – Missoula, MT

Green Building, March, “Green Building Comes of Age” – Orchard Gardens – Missoula, MT

GeoOutlook, Volume 3, Number 1, “The ‘Green’ Answer to Low-Income Housing” – Orchard Gardens – Missoula, MT

Fine Homebuilding, Issue #184, “Housing Development Boosts the Bottom Line of Families and Community”

Western Montana InBusiness Monthly, Fall, “Movers & Shakers”, April 13, “County OKs McCauley Butte Subdivision” – McCauley Butte Subdivision – Missoula, MT



Rural Voices, Fall, “Green Building Techniques: Materials” – Orchard Gardens – Missoula, MT

Missoulian, December 19, “Green Living: Project Provides Cool Housing for Low-Income Families While Being Earth Friendly” – Orchard Gardens – Missoula, MT

Independent, July 14 – 21, “Home Grown: homeWORD’s Orchard Gardens Blossoms” – Orchard Gardens – Missoula, MT



American Bungalow, Winter, “Building on Historic Ground”



Missoulian, February 19, “Building on History” – Gold Dust – Missoula, MT