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Fish Wildlife and Parks, Missoula Addition

The addition embodies the department mission for the stewardship or our natural resources for present and future generations. It creates a multifunctional conference center that captures the awe-inspiring beauty of wood. The design allows it to host either a single large event or be split into two identical rooms as commonly used for hunters safety training. An abundance of glazing allows for daylight and views while also giving occupants a since of orientation to place.

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) construction is revealed throughout allowing occupants to interact with the structure. Using CLT this 3,400 square foot addition sequesters approximately 101 tons of carbon which is equivalent to taking 21 vehicles off the road for one year. With an emphasis on biophilia the project harnesses the power of a breathable envelope by layering rather than creating insulative cavities. Additionally the rain screen system behind the cladding promotes the drying potential. This will contribute to healthy indoor air while ensure the life of the structure. Attention was also paid to the end of life use of the building through the selection of reusable and recyclable materials.

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