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Lindbergh Lake Cabin

Situated on a cove near the southern end of Lindbergh Lake in the Swan Valley, this getaway was designed for three generations of family who come to Montana for quality time together. A small cabin with seven foot ceilings on the water’s edge had been their place of refuge for many years until the number of people outnumbered possible places to sleep. At that point, the goals for the new cabin were to blend in from the road (no “McMansion”), fully embrace the lake and create new gathering spaces for the family to congregate, while simultaneously sleeping 18 people.

The shape of the site and zoning requirements required the new cabin be 50’ from the lake’s high water mark. A small inlet on the property resulted in a limited buildable area and suggested a home that wraps around the water. Due to grade change, from the road the home appears to be one story. However, as one moves through the home, the changes in topography create a home that groups uses per floor and steps down with the land. A glass connector separates the public zone from the sleeping quarters. The second floor of the public zone houses an eight person bunk room and two baths, in addition to a loungy zone for kids (or adults) to take refuge from the day’s activities.

The house is clad in core-ten and cedar with copious amounts of windows, bringing the outside in. Through the use of natural materials in a subtle palette, the home feels like glamorous camping on the shore of a wooded lake.

Photo credit: Gibeon Photography