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MMW is passionate about how the landscape is developed. We bring our creative commitment to maximizing a site with minimal impact on the land. When working in an urban setting, we consider the social, economic and health benefits of a site. We believe that dense, walkable projects that engage the pedestrian along the streetscape (and are served by transit) create vibrant communities. In rural locations, the history of site, preservation of land and majestic natural features are guiding forces in the planning of a project. We strive to honor what has made the site unique and valuable for past generations, passing it along to future generations. Thoughtful planning is at the root of a beautiful community.

In addition to land use planning, we also provide master planning services to organizations such as the Montana State Hospital, Barrett Hospital & HealthCare and the City of Missoula, among others. For these kinds of groups, we can provide overall needs assessments in relations to existing buildings and usages and provide suggestions on how to better utilize existing facilities and add/subtract departments. Additionally, we can determine square footage requirements, based on programmatic investigation, and cost estimates for capital campaigns or bond measures for entirely new projects.