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YWCA Missoula

Designed to provide a sense of home, privacy, and refuge for families in need, the YWCA Missoula balances a welcoming atmosphere with its unique security requirements. Familiar roof forms and bright colors represent a hopeful future for up to 31 families in the Family Housing Center and 13 families in the Domestic Violence Shelter. The project also houses 9,000 square feet of offices and meeting rooms for the YWCA Missoula headquarters. Separate sleeping rooms and individual family bathrooms offer necessary privacy, while communal kitchen, dining, and living areas offer places to socialize and share. Separate indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated to healthcare, wellness, and activities will allow survivors of domestic violence to find a safe, comfortable place to start a new life. Security systems have been designed to accommodate survivors of trauma while maintaining safe conditions for everyone.

The project was formed based on a special collaboration between YWCA Missoula and the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative, along with the participation of many other local community stakeholders. The project is currently in the fundraising phase, and we encourage you to support this important project for Missoula. Visit to contribute.